Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What, no posts????

Okay, several of you loyal followers have been asking, "why no posts?" I don't have a clear answer. On the technological level, I offer this explanation:
I had hoped to be able to upload tons of photos to my web space via ftp, so that I could write my blogs at leisure, include image tags pointing to the photos, and then upload my posts when online. But I was unable to use ftp, and it was tedious and time-consuming to upload photos to the blog itself, and that wasn't how I wanted to spend my online time. So I didn't do diddly, as you have noted.

On a more spiritual/personal level, I think perhaps I was just reveling in the experiences and not ready to commit them to the journalistic "pen," with the shift of consciousness which that requires.

I hope to have a nice website sometime, hopefully soon, and will post a URL here when it's ready.