Friday, March 27, 2009

T Minus Two Days: The Freakout

It's Friday, less than two days before I leave for Costa Rica. This morning I decided to back up some important files onto a USB hard drive. The drive made weird sounds. So did my other USB drive. Attempting to fix things, I caused Windows to lose recognition of the keyboard and mouse. This meant I was unable to log onto my laptop -- the laptop that's going to allow me to do all my photo editing, my blogging, and to work for the Montevede Institute for four weeks.

I've been there before. If you run Windows, you've been there, too, no doubt. Many thanks to Joseph, Tina L, Elie, and Ceri, all of whom offered help. In the end, Windows just arbitrarily decided to "find" the keyboard and mouse again, but only after half a day of backing up files, trying over and over to reinstall Windows, and rebooting countless times.

As you glaze over from this dull report, please realize I just needed to vent to the world. I promise my next blog entry will be of greater relevance and interest. Maybe even beauty.


Christian said...

Yipes! That's scary. Well I guess better here than down there.

Christian said...

Are you there yet? Pretty parrot pictures?

Tina said...

Look, I was mentioned. It was no big deal Mark. I am glad everything worked out.